3 Scrambled Eggs Calories

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How Many Calories Are In 3 Scrambled Eggs?

When you first think about it, scrambled eggs might not seem all that exciting. They’re just eggs, after all, and they taste the same whether they’re made by you or your friend Josh.

It’s only when you learn how many calories are in a scrambled egg that you realize just how important they are in your day-to-day life. You can see why scrambled eggs are considered as one of the “low-calorie staples” of the calorie-conscious diet.

If you’re looking to lose weight, you should probably keep reading. You see, while scrambled eggs don’t sound all that special, they have a significant impact on your calorie intake.

In this article, we’ll talk about how many calories are in a scrambled egg, as well as the health benefits of eating this food.

3 Scrambled Eggs Calories

How Many Calories Are in a Scrambled Egg?

You might be surprised that the calorie count of a scrambled egg is between 30-50 calories.

However, it’s not just the scrambled eggs themselves that have calories. The oil or butter used in cooking the scrambled eggs has about 35-50 calories per tablespoon. You need to keep this in mind when you make your own scrambled eggs at home.

As a result, you eat fewer calories if you use less oil or butter. If you want to avoid extra calories and fat while still enjoying breakfast, try using low-fat milk instead of cow’s milk and low-fat cheese instead of cheddar cheese.

Why are scrambled eggs so calorie-dense?

Scrambled eggs are calorie dense because the protein in them contains a lot of healthy fats, which are calorie-dense.

The amount of calories from fat in scrambled egg whites is about 12 percent and the amount in yolk is about 7 percent.

That’s why scrambled eggs have more than twice as many calories as an apple, which has about 90.

The cholesterol and fat content contributes to a high level of satiety, which means you’ll feel full for longer periods of time. This makes it easier for you to resist snacking on high-calorie foods throughout the day!

What Does a Single Scrambled Egg Have to Offer?

When you have only one scrambled egg for breakfast, it doesn’t seem like a lot. However, if you consider how many calories are in scrambled eggs and how long they last at room temperature, the amount begins to make sense. A single egg has only 80 calories.

This is because of the high protein content of this food. Protein is good for your body as it helps with muscle growth and repair. It also helps with brain function, mood regulation, and even weight loss. Eggs are also high in selenium which can help reduce the risk of cancer, among other things.

How to Make the Most of Your Scrambled Eggs

If you’re looking to really maximize the health benefits of your scrambled eggs, there are a few things you can do to make them more beneficial.

First, it is important that you don’t over-cook them. If you cook them too much, they will release their moisture and become soggy. You want your eggs to retain as much moisture as possible. So, if you’re cooking for yourself, keep the heat on medium high and stir occasionally until the eggs are done.

Second, use whole milk in your scrambled eggs as opposed to low-fat milk or water. Whole milk has less calories and fat than low-fat milk or water so it will help reduce the calorie intake from your meal overall.

Third, try adding spices like garlic powder or onion powder to enhance their flavor. Garlic is known for its ability to lower cholesterol levels and its anti-inflammatory properties

Fourth, add some cheese into your eggs before cooking them. Cheese contains calcium and protein which can help boost metabolism rates and build lean muscle tissue.

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